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Wind Turbines

The debate on wind turbines is gathering pace over in our neck of the woods as the area around the picturesque market town of Garstang, mid way between Preston and Lancaster has become subject to multiple applications for large wind turbines.

The problem with this type of development, as opposed to the offshore wind farm development, is that they are industrial suicide for the UK.

  • They destroy the local environment.
  • They take money out of the bottom of the economy with higher electricity costs.
  • They cost jobs in the UK pushing up taxes.
  • They deprive UK businesses of investment capital.
  • They impact the balance of trade by pushing up imports.
  • Ironically they also increase the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

Question. Why do we have so many wind turbines?

Answer. Subsidy greed. The greedier the landowner, the bigger the wind turbine. They are without question a monument to greed.

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