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Here I am again, its been eighteen years since this website was first published and much has happened in that time.

The website journey started in the 1990s when Daniel and I had a football website publishing the results and football league tables, our website was the fastest reporting of the updated league tables beating all others, of course we could not retain that position as the BBC were to invest hundreds of millions of pounds of licence payers cash in their website and no private company or individual could match that level of investment.

The next website was a political satire and joke website which would get around 2,000 hits a month, not a bad number for the 1990s. From that early start I went on to publish many niche websites with an estate of over 70 websites at one point. That is not a huge number, there are plenty of people with 100 or more sites active.

Having been publishing websites for over twenty years now I have started to prune the estate and am now down to around thirty sites, five in the USA and the rest here in the UK. This year I am working on three new website projects and a new proposal for low cost websites for small business where I can leverage my management systems to supply and maintain high quality websites for self employed tradespeople and small businesses.

During the last few year my websites have achieved millions of hits the record number of hits for one page in one day is 113,000 hits, The Guardian circulation is 146,000 copies a day just to give a perspective on that statistic.

Whilst most of my websites are fewer than ten pages (plus the mandatory pages) the largest had over 13,000 pages, that was a large website but it performed very well. High performance has always been an objective of mine and I always try to make sure that my websites perform in the top 10% of performance statistics.

For this website I am planning to publish a variety of jotting of things that take my fancy such as broadband and batteries, it is my website after all, although I shall probably not be giving my opinion on Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn or that Idiot Vince Cable.

I am always pleased to receive correspondence from old and new friends and constructive criticism of this website. Please use the contact form to contact me or see me on Facebook.